What Linda Loh’s clients have said about her personalised natural treatments (including herbal medicine, homeopathy, Bach flowers and other flower essences, nutritional medicine, lifestyle advice and art therapy):

  • “Dear Linda, I just wanted to thank you. In January I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I was able to fall pregnant within 5 months of trying and I put it largely down to the diet, herbs and vitamins I’ve been on for the last 3.5 years. Without your help things may not have gone so well”. – A., from Geelong (long term pelvic pain, IBS, PCOS, irregular periods, hormonal imbalance, acne)

  • “Why didn’t my gastroenterologist tell me that?” – K., from Brunswick (digestive pain for two years resolved in one week)

  • “I don’t feel any endometriosis pain anymore. I’m glad I decided against a hysterectomy” – L. from Taylors Lakes (endometriosis pain for 12 years, settled after one cycle)

  • “Every herb mix you’ve ever given me has been fantastic” – S. from Glen Iris (stress, immune support, hayfever)

  • “I’m so glad I didn’t have to be on the pill forever.” – V. from Point Cook (polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal acne, irregular periods)

  • “Those tablets were great. The pain was better within a day and it didn’t take long to resolve properly.” – A. from Carlton (inflammation from gym injury, hot flushes, menopausal hot sweats)

  • “Those drops you gave me really settled me down” – M. from Moonee Ponds (anxiety and panic attacks)

  • “Linda, those herbs are amazing. I’ve been to naturopaths before, but never felt better as fast as this time” – L. from Essendon (menopause, anxiety)
  • “Thank you for meeting with me last week. I wanted to let you know that I am starting to feel much better now. The herbal drink especially has made me feel less stressed and more calm and I am able to concentrate better and not worry as much! I have also added what you suggested to my diet and am trying to slowly adjust my lifestyle.” – L. from South Yarra (stress, anxiety, fatigue)

  • “I have noticed a change with my skin. Chest and shoulders have really cleared up, it was the worst I’d had it, maybe new job, moving house? Anyway, I appreciate your advice, will keep taking rest of the tablets and have been steering clear of eating a lot of bread which is helping my digestion. So thanks again, your expertise and advice has been well received.” – A. from North Melbourne (acne)

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