Natural therapy

  • I stock many items in my clinic, but for space reasons I sometimes refer clients to this site for my favorite coffee substitute Teeccino, as well as various teas and other items. (This link is in limbo for the time being. Stay tuned for its return).

  • National Herbalists’ Association of Australia

  • The Weston A. Price Foundation – A wonderful, not-for-profit organisation campaigning for real food as nature intended, according to the lessons from traditional cultures worldwide. A very extensive source of information

  • The Healing Place – Consider donating to this indigenous community health project in the Northern Territory. Support commonsense holistic healing with bush food and medicine. Participate in one of their tours and learn about Yolngu culture and traditional healing systems.

  • Real Milk Australia – The Australian campaign for people to have the choice to buy unprocessed milk

  • Nutritional Laboratory Services – info about tests you can order, e.g. hormones, stress, hair analysis/toxic elements, food allergy etc.

  • ProjectAWARE – a website by women, for women… offering objective and comprehensive health information, especially related to menopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause

  • Ask a Patient– a website where you can read about side-effects of drugs you may be taking, as documented by real people.

  • Wellbeing Magazine

  • Linda Loh at Natural Therapy Pages

  • The Natural Health Guide

  • Natural Health and Lifestyle Directory

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