I have a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) from Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT), in Melbourne, Victoria, and continue to invest in ongoing professional education. To become qualified as a naturopath, I studied herbal medicine, homeopathy and nutrition over more than four years, as well as learning about flower essences, celloids, iridology, counselling and psychology. My degree also includes the medical sciences of pathology, biochemistry, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, clinical diagnosis, pharmacology and research methods.

In Victoria we are working towards registration of our profession, but, until this is complete, anybody can call themselves a naturopath or herbalist. However, rebates from health insurance companies are only available from fully qualified naturopaths who are members of recognised professional associations, such as the National Herbalists Association Australia (NHAA) and the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA), to which I belong. For your safety and best results, it is important to have a fully qualified naturopath.

As well as my private practice, I conduct consultations and seminars for corporate organisations. Some previous clients include Telstra and Canon.

Selected examples of recent post qualification training courses and professional development:

  • Clinical Assessment Workshop - Nutrition and Deficiencies
  • Balancing the Brain: Depression and Dementia
  • Gut Liver Hormone Master Class
  • National Herbalists Association of Australia 6th International Conference on Phytotherapeutics
  • Integrating Chinese Herbs into Western Practice
  • The Psychology of Happiness Conference and Study Tour - Bhutan
  • Brain Burnout: Breakthroughs in Mental Wellness
  • Blackmores Celloid Mineral Therapy Clinical Applications Workshop
  • The Ageing Female: Natural Treatments for Age Related Conditions
  • Effective Menopause Management - Mediherb
  • How To Use Natural Fertility Management In Your Practice - Francesca Naish
  • Management of Inflammatory Disorders
  • Bioconcepts Neurotransmitter Workshop
  • Bioconcepts Cancer Support Workshop
  • Ovarian and Breast Cancer Practice Focus Seminar - Ruth Trickey
  • Gut Feelings: The Multifunctional Role of the Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT)
  • Much More Than Hormones: How 3 Important CNS Herbs Work - Prescribing Holistic Health
  • Herb Drug Interactions - A Practical Guide - Leslie Braun
  • Immunity: Treating Infections, Allergies and Autoimmunity
  • Managing Autoimmune Conditions
  • Management of Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Controlling the Impact of Stress on Body Function
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • The Fatigued Patient - Mediherb

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Naturopathy - photos
Naturopathy - photos

Art therapy – I also have a Master of Art Therapy from La Trobe University, in Victoria, and I am a professional member of the Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association (ANZATA), which is a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). I adhere to the ethical guidelines of professional art therapy practice, which includes maintaining the strictest confidentiality regarding personal information and anything disclosed by patients during art therapy.

I have worked with people of different ages, including art therapy at Banksia House, a specialist mother-baby and mood disorder centre at the Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre in Heidelberg, Melbourne.

My unique qualifications as a naturopath and an art therapist can provide you with the opportunity to participate in a rich therapeutic experience that nurtures and supports both your mind and body.

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