In my natural medicine practice, I only develop individualised health plans, tailored to the patient’s needs and preferences. This may include:

Modern herbal medicine
Bach flowers and other flower essences
Nutritional medicine
Lifestyle advice
Art therapy

Naturopathy - photos

Naturopathy - photos

Naturopathy - photos

  • Modern herbal medicine – I use concentrated extracts of pharmaceutical grade herbal medicines, blended by myself for each patient. These medicines have stood the test of time. They have been used through the ages as traditional medicine, and now they are having their actions tested and proven by medical science.

    I have hundreds of herbs to choose from, to best individualise your prescription. Some are quite specific for treating certain conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, liver disorders, constipation, bloating, recurring infections (e.g. glandular fever) and urinary tract infections. Others are wider acting “tonics” and help settle your nervous system and adrenal glands in the case of short or long-term stress.

    Most herbal medicines have actions on more than one body system, and my training and skill in herbalism enable me to optimise a tonic mix for your symptoms.

    You do not need to boil up these herbs. I may recommend teas (infusions), but mostly you will take a very small amount of medicine with water or juice. Some combinations of herbs are available in tablet form. Easy!

  • Homeopathy – A distinct system of medicine that involves low dose remedies chosen to match the symptom pattern of the patient. For example, while cutting onions, we complain of burning, itching, watering eyes. Some hayfever sufferers present with this as their most irritating symptom. The homeopathic remedy made from onion, Allium Cepa, can treat that hayfever symptom pattern. With the right homeopathic remedy, profound changes can occur. There are hundreds of remedies to choose from, and it is a significant analytical process to find the specific homeopathic remedy for you.

  • Bach flowers and other flower essences – These are plant-based remedies in drop form that particularly target emotions. These can be a wonderful way to treat emotional disturbances and any form of stress. A few examples of when I might choose them: after shock, during times of transition, feeling “stuck” or “blocked”, unexplained sadness, irritability, overly busy mind whirling with thoughts.

  • Nutritional medicine – Food is our medicine. Small changes to the way we eat can make big changes to the way we feel. Some people are looking for a detox diet, but there is a lot of misinformation about this. I can give you realistic, safe approaches to going on a detox diet, as well as providing supportive detox herbal medicines and nutrients.

    Occasionally, where the diet does not provide enough nutrition, lifestyle factors deplete nutrients rapidly or specific health complaints call for an increased demand of nutrients, supplementation can be used. Naturopaths have access to excellent quality supplement products that you will never find in a health food shop. These are available to qualified practitioners only and made by specialist nutritional manufacturers. They contain ingredients that are designed to work synergistically and to provide meaningful therapeutic doses. There are many options to choose from, and it is important that a qualified professional choose the right product for you.

  • Lifestyle advice – I offer detailed advice on how to implement convenient changes to food, leisure and work habits, bringing relief to your health complaint. I always take the restrictions of your lifestyle in consideration when giving simple or detailed advice. You would probably be surprised at how simple some adjustments can be, yet how remarkable their effect.

  • Art therapy – Art therapy is available as a separate consultation (optional). This is an enjoyable yet profound method of problem-solving and exploring personal issues, using simple image making to process life’s challenges. Although this is a powerful and very helpful form of counselling/psychotherapy or personal growth, it is not necessary to be artistic to benefit. Learn more about art therapy

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